How to use MetaMask at Binance Smart Chain (BSC network) specific blockchain- StableXSwap for example

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MetaMask is not completely optimized for Binance Smart Chain yet, so the UI display will sometimes look scary. The operation procedure is completely same as those at Ethereum but some basic display logic might need some attention. I had tried to interact with the smart contract function in StableXSwap with MetaMask, so I record some experience here hoping to help beginners like me to feel more confirmable in this wild wide world. I mainly put how I proceed Staking and the procedures during Swapping for STAX token in Pancake Swap here. StableXSWap as the first application specifically designed for Binance Smart Chain for stable coin will be providing all stable coin use case for the ecosystem within Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Stable coin as we saw at Ethereum had proof its use case and popularity already, where often be treated as less risky way to earn stable APY. It will grow along with the adoption in BSC.

  1. Go to StableXSwap website and choose to “unlock Wallet”, choose MetaMask, then select your own specific account for BSC environment. It’s suggested to have several account and specify the use case for each account for management purpose. If you hadn’t setup the Binance Smart Chain MetaMask, please refer to the guideline at Binance here

Check the authorization that website is requesting then click “connect”

2. On MetaMask, select the networks environment from “Main Ethereum Network” to “Binance Smart Chain” environment to interact with Binance Smart Chain smart contract.

3. After successful connection, it will display the account informaiton. Even the icon shows as ETH but actually it’s the BNB that you owned. The BSC gas consumption is much less than you spent on Ethereum network, so you can still interact with even you don’t have much BNB left. However, as stated before, the UI display is base on the Ethereum logic so people will sometimes feel scary of the cost during the interaction.

4. From the StableXSwap website Home page, click ”Buy STAX” which will lead you to the correct contract at Pancake Swap to Swap for STAX to proceed Staking.

5. It will pop up the warning message for STAX contract in Pancake Swap

6. Choose the token that you want to Swap out (here uses USDT as example). If you want to know how to transfer USDT to BSC within MetaMask, you could click here. After enter the amount of token that you want to Swap out, you could get the estimated number of STAX that Swap in. Click Swap and confirm the Swap on next page.

7. In the notification page, there is a need to manually set the Gas price and limit. If you experience a failure, please check at BSC scan to see the failure reason to modify correctly. In my own interaction, sometimes i need to increase the Gas Price (GWEI) to 30 or 40. However, usually within 0.01BNB is expected.

8. Back to the StablexSwap website,Choose “+” at Staking page to start Stake. Confirm the Qty that you want to stake then conirm.

9. Then the Gas fee setting window pop up. The initial Gas limit is automatically shows 28,500,000, which is around 0.57BNB. You can manually set the Gas limit from 28,500,000 to 2,850,000, then the Gas Fee will show 0.057BNB instead. Though the alert message shows it won’t affect the interaction with contract.

Stake success, and from my own staking experience, the actual BNB consumption is -.0028BNB, roughly $0.084

If you are trying it the first time, please start with few amount and make sure it works before you put the big amount. A great advantage on Binance Smart Chain is the GAS FEE is very low, so feel easy to try something small before pulling your resource in the big game. Most of the time, the scary gas consumption will be dramatically less scary if the manual Gas Fee setting is done. For example I sometimes got crazy gas fee indication below, so it is definitely wrong, try to adjust the gas fee and limit then you will feel much relief. Good Luck.




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